Case for note-book.

The project of the case for note-book has two functions and two variations of usage. First of all it’s a case where you can hold and transport a note-book. And when you need to work the case can be easily transformed into support for your computer. You just need to turn it inside out and you’ll get another function – comfortable support for work on note-book during the travel.

The case looks simple but elegant, has soft, plastic and smooth forms reminding natural motifs (plant leaf). Flowing outlines and curved surfaces provide with safeness in use, commodity, ergonomic and aesthetic demands. Rounded shape of the handle is constructed with maximum comfort for the holding it in the hand. There is also special deepening on the back side of the case to hide the handle when the case is in the position of support.

The construction has single plastic frame with upholstery of Alcantara materials. The case is equipped with single zip-fastener. Inner part of the case is made of soft materials to provide safeness for the computer during the transportation. Also this soft material makes usage in the position of support more comfortable for the owner’s physical well-being.

This construction is rather easy in exploitation and provides with freedom of use. It gives two functions in one object at the same time. Streamlined shape of the case and the upholstery of Alcantara materials create unique sensations of softness, comfort and warmth. Elegant and beautiful outlook represents individual extraordinary style. So it can be enjoyed deeply during every day usage.

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